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Don't have business card artwork or need
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FSC logo standards

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international certification system that guarantees that the forest products come from responsibly managed forests and
verified recycled sources. You can have the FSC logo on your card (click here for logo usage examples). The logo can appear in any colour, black, or knocked out as
long as it is legible. The printer is responsible for placing the logo and getting it approved by the certifier. We can provide you with low res, for position only artwork, and can advise you as to the best logo placement (see examples below).

file guidelines

Please see below for complete instructions to format your files. We can correct files
that do not meet these specifications at a rate of $75/hr with a minimum $35 file
correction fee.

File Formats
We prefer receiving 1-up files in X-1a PDF format. We also accept Adobe Illustrator
.eps (with images embedded, if any). Please make sure to include crop and bleed

Convert all colours to CMYK. Files with RGB colour profiles will not be accepted. If
you have any PMS colours, they will be converted to CMYK by us (unless otherwise

Outline/vectorize all fonts before making your PDF to avoid font problems. We may
need to reopen the PDF in Illustrator to place the FSC logo (if requested), or if we
need to do minor adjustments on our end for final print. If the text is not outlined,
fonts can change. Outlining text/fonts ensures that everything will stay the same as
how you sent it to us.

Type Safety (aka Margins)
We require a type safety of at least 1/8" (0.125 in). What is type safety? It is the
inside margin of the card where text and other important information should be kept.
See diagram above.

We require a 1/8" (0.125 in) bleed for business cards that have images extending
beyond the card edge. See diagram above for clarification. You will need to extend
the image 1/8" past the document edge.

Keep all images at high resolution: 300 dpi. Convert colours to cmyk. Embed them if
you are sending us Illustrator files.

For PDFs, 1-Up refers to having 1 side of a card on each page of a PDF. For eps or
ai documents make the back and front in separate files and zip them.

file checklist

1. Outline all fonts
2. send as an X-1a PDF or Adobe Illustrator .eps (zipped)
3. all colours converted to CMYK
4. photos should be 300dpi, cmyk, embedded
5. ensure at least 1/8" type safety
6. include crop marks
7. include 1/8" bleeds
8. ensure the document(s) are 1-Up


Important: Please remember that for documents that do not meet the file
checklist criteria, we charge a rate of $75/hr with a minimum $35 file.

upload your artwork

Please use the form below to send us your files. PDF or Illustrator files are preferred and please ZIP multiple files into one folder, if possible.


Immediately following submission of your artwork and/or your online order, we will be in touch to confirm that your files were received and that they meet file specifications. Thank you for your order.

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